Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Minutes 11/28/07

Meeting: 1:25pm-2:00pm

Today, we met briefly and discussed where we stand on our project. We decided that we need to contact the Radioactive Livestock to determine the best way to write our summaries. We will meet again tomorrow for a more involved meeting on this subject

Friday, November 9, 2007

A Case of Bad Ethics

The case of bad ethics that we found occurred in the diet market a few years ago. Companies selling diet pills and supplements with the additive ephedra in them posed a serious risk to consumers. The effects of long-term ephedra users include brain damage and serious heart problems. Several of these companies, including the extremely popular Metabolife and Stacker 2, found out of these effects long before removing their product from the market. These companies figured that paying the lawsuits would be far more beneficial to them than to recall and stop production of all ephedra-based dietary supplements.

These serious effects were spread throughout the general public, and many lawsuits ensued. Because of these companies' negligence, many diet pill producers are struggling to make a profit. For example, in only one case, Metabolife lost $7.4 million to a woman who sued because she had minor brain damage from this pill. The lack of ethics by these companies has achieved them so bad a position in both reputation and finances that many of them have not been able to stay in business. Examples like this prove the importance of an ethical company.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Minutes 10/31/07

Today we finalized and sent our proposal to Dr. Stuart. We will wait to hear back from him. All members were present.

Minutes 10/29/07

Today we finished our proposal for the most part. We now need to finalize and read over our proposal and send it to the client. All members were present.

Minutes 10/28/07

Tonight we worked more on the proposal.

Minutes 10/24/07

Tonight we divided up the sections of the proposal, and each started working on our respective sections. All members were present.

Minutes 10/17/07

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


1. Compose and send email to client.

2. Discuss possible formats for links.

3. Plan divisions for proposal.

4. Work on team blog a bit.


Present: mike, thomas, brian

Absent: jay(work), travis(no response)

Start meeting 7PM

ITEM 1: composed and sent email to Dr. Stuart.

    -shared our blog address with the Doc and invited him to post feedback

ITEM 2: discussed some formats

-thomas had great idea

-important to make sure readers don’t miss anything

skip ITEM 3 (need whole team to divide)

-push ITEM 3 back to next meeting

ITEM 4: added introduction to team blog and shared with Angie and Dr. Stuart

For next time: research some possible templates for proposal/ continue to read links

End meeting 7:30PM